JLP has multi-disciplinary experience producing integrated multi-media and web projects across leading industries, working with clients and teams with a variety of software applications and programming languages. Key topics of expertise and experience are summarized below.

Website Development : Web systems provide many business advantages by serving as a platform for global communication, operations, and innovation, ranging from simple informational sites to advanced analytics and interactive multi-media, mobile-integrated, social-network community applications. Some important points include concept, workflow modeling, infrastructure, functionality, use cases, wire-frames, design, development, front-end theming, deployment, version control, testing, documentation, maintenance, data aggregation & warehousing, analytics, security, social network and 3rd party application integration, syndication, e-commerce, industry context, and more.
Visual Communication : Conveying key messages with impact is crucial for empowering communication to motivate activity and progress within organizations, clarify nuances of topics, and advertise. Combined graphics, photos, illustration, 3D, motion graphics, interactivity, and other media deliver rich experiences, capturing audiences while simplifying complex ideas. Visual communication extends beyond individual media asset production to web media publishing strategy, web CMS development, and social media integration.
UI Architecture : (User Interface Architecture) is the design of the user interaction structure, which has significant implications on the user experience, usability, accessibility, scalability, and flexibility, and is essential for a successful audience engagement. Interface possibilities include a range from complexly layered entire websites, to independent, detail-rich, beautiful multimedia dashboards, to translation of complex processes into simplified guided interactive procedures. This provides users and teams with intuitive, logical, engaging, value-adding tools and experience.
Motion Graphics : Motion graphics are a key tool for high impact advertising and story telling as highly engaging complex messaging in an effective package for sharing on a website, ready for viral syndication on Youtube and social networks. Within the fast-changing business world, companies are challenged to convey their value proposition in a concise and compelling manner that captures mindshare, competing with the barrage of media in the market. Whether a startup articulating a new market opportunity, producing interactive multimedia online, or established businesses wanting to improve messaging and visibility, video assets support these goals dramatically. Integrated production includes blending story-boarding, video editing, graphics, special effects, 3D animation, compositing, and web deployment.
Graphic Recording : Realtime visual articulation of meetings' discussions by listening and producing graphic representations enhances meeting productivity through stimulating engagement and creativity while capturing complex ideas and relationships with clarity in powerful multi-dimensional visual form, serving teams as a unified project perspective, supporting alignment and consensus on challenging strategies. Graphic components may include drawing, diagrams, info graphics, concept illustration, data structures, process mapping, photos, wire-frames, brand concept imaging, and other aspects. Continued production and refinement post-meeting polishes the presentation detail, resulting in a concise powerful communication vehicle of important business initiatives.
Conceptualization : Conceptual creativity is an important aspect of feature innovation, discovery, marketing, problem solving, and many aspects of projects. Maintaining a creative open mind throughout projects yields concept evolution, adding value, insight, and possibilities to initiatives. Resourcefully architecting and communicating solutions quickly and effectively to meet stakeholder needs is crucial for client engagement and business success.
Business Strategy : Businesses rely on complex networks of factors to succeed, requiring understanding of internal vision, collaboration, and execution, as well as external factors of community engagement, industry direction, global trends and more. Having experience working with managers and teams across the entire business value chain on diverse solutions within leading industries, along with the support of a personal executive advisory network, provides me with broad understanding, detailed operational insight, and performance capability, offering well-rounded presence, flexibility of engagement, and strategic value contribution to organizations. Transforming ideas to assets, I understand the importance of the larger contextual strategy, prioritization, detailed workflow modeling, and specialized production methods, manage effective communication with all parties involved, and have dynamic ability to identify and deliver on opportunities.
Branding : Brand concept blends the characteristics of an organization or individual into a distinctive identity that connects with its audience as an experience and entity, including image, messaging, features, context, values, and precision, spanning logo design to strategy, collateral production, and web design and deployment. Solid branding is crucial for organizations to sustain market traction and growth. Aside from organizations, personal branding dramatically supports individuals as innovators or leaders within their respective fields to move beyond employment and managerial roles within organizations to higher level free-standing identities with global presence, increasing market leadership and recognition, exposure, opportunities, and revenue.