Here are testimonials from clients, peers, and employers, as quoted from :

"Josh has an excellent sense for UI design. He did a project for Apperian in which he not only implemented what was asked, but also went beyond, adding some really nice new UI elements that made it easier to use. He is detail-oriented and very thorough in his work. Josh is a pleasure to work with."
Rob Friedman
VP of Engineering
- EveryScape Inc.
"Joshua was able to come in on day one as a true drupal master, where he walked us through core and contrib functionality like Views, Panels, and Polls. He then lead the charge on our internationalization effort and created an awesome white-paper on how it should be handled. He was a great teacher in both drupal and programming. I'm confident that his skills and knowledge will lead us to a successful launch in Q1 of next year."
Robert Erskine
Creative Technologist
- Hill Holliday
"While architecting a Boston based Real Estate firm, I brought Josh on as a senior web/technology consultant. A key priority was to implement a low cost yet high-end web platform, leveraging open source technologies geared towards evolving future expansion and scalability. I've personally known Josh many years and have successfully collaborated on numerous projects where he played a leading role in IT development, design, and strategic planning. Josh has always been very adept at articulating big picture vision while being mindful of realistic short-term goals. He was very helpful in establishing our site using Drupal and has since been generously providing ongoing support. After succesfully growing the business, we are currently partnering with Josh on a major website upgrade, migrating the site successfully from Drupal 6 to the latest version 7 while significantly expanding our business' custom front and back end web systems. He continually provides unparalleled value with creative technical insight and execution."
Greg Herot
- Club Realty Boston
"Josh harnesses the creative force of artistic mastery and applies this highly detailed and nuanced ability to advanced use cases in highly technical, and elegant solutions. Having a deep knowledge of both the technical architecture and the most optimal user experience gives Josh the ability to see a finished product from concept to completion. Being visionary means having the ability to constantly push colleagues and clients to see beyond the ordinary products and services of today. Josh puts his heart into every project with this creative sight. I look forward to continue working with him in the future."
Ben Del Vento
Sr Solutions Architect
- Cisco Systems
"Joshua is an excellent free-lance web developer. I've had the pleasure of working with him on several projects over the past year, dealing primarily with custom module development for Drupal CMS. He is well attuned to the latest in emerging web technologies and produces great ideas. He is also extremely skilled with PHP, JQuery and CSS."
Sage Freddura
Director of Operations
- The Daily Catch
"Josh came to Apperian as a contractor to implement the Apple VPP protocol on Apperian's application management platform. He was able to quickly get up to speed with our massive and complicated code base, determine the most elegant way to implement the solution, and code the feature within the estimated schedule. In addition to his excellent technical ability, Josh is an extremely likable, funny individual and easy to get along with. He has vision and insight into what makes successful software and make it visually pleasing. He would be an appreciated addition to any company or engineering team, and I hope to work with him again in the future."
James Seibel
Software Engineer
- Apperian, Inc
"Sometimes people are too ahead of their time, as in 50 or 100 years. I like to think that I've met a lot of extremely talented, intelligent, and autodidactic people in my time, and I'd have to put Josh at the top of the list. We worked together extensively in our formative years at Pratt, which often felt more like a time machine to the 22nd century than a friendship or collaboration. If he's working with you, count yourself lucky, I certainly do."
Mathew R Cunningham
Industrial Concept Designer
- Technicon