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These 4 steps will help you resolve conflicts, whether you’re a seeker or an avoider.
Future Economy We believe in climate change And we’re taking action The United States’ decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord has sparked discussion across the business... more»
Resilience, defined as the psychological capacity to adapt to stressful circumstances and to bounce back from adverse events, is a highly sought-after personality trait in the modern workplace. As... more»
Although Britain’s National Health System (NHS) has provided effective universal coverage for almost 70 years, it is facing a major health workforce crisis that jeopardizes its future. The NHS... more»
There are many creative tools a designer uses to think differently, but none is more counter-intuitive than “wrong thinking,” also called reverse thinking. Wrong thinking is when you... more»
Tesla, Elon Musk’s automotive start-up, is having a very good year. In September, the company expects to begin shipping its all-electric Model 3 to non-employee customers, who have already... more»
Tim Evans for HBR Many leaders see organizational learning simply as sharing existing knowledge. This isn’t surprising given that this is the primary focus of educational institutions,... more»
More and more companies are realizing they must reinvent their cultures by infusing innovation into their DNA. Unlike startups that get to shape culture from scratch, established companies must... more»
One of the most stressful things about being self-employed is managing your cash flow. This is especially difficult when clients don’t pay you on time. What can you do to make sure that your... more»
How an unusual medical case in the 1990s provided a clue for how to treat a fatal muscle disease.
Our annual list of the young dreamers, tinkerers, and innovators that are creating technology’s future.
We are beset by—and immersed in—apps and devices that are quietly reducing the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other.
By reworking the basic metabolism of crops, plant scientists hope to forestall devastating food shortages.
Though the messaging app dominates in China, few Americans have even heard of it.
Malware can be encoded into a gene and used to take over a computer program.
Voice-based AI devices aren’t just jukeboxes with attitude. They could become the primary way we interact with our machines.
A China Titans affiliate bought the bankrupt storage startup Aquion and plans to sell its batteries directly to big grid operators.
Scientists are trying to manufacture eggs and sperm in the laboratory. Will it end reproduction as we know it?
Dear reader, The KurzweilAI editorial/research team will be working on a special 10-day project starting Monday August 7, so we will be suspending newsletter publication until Monday August 21. Our... more»
Big money can’t guarantee Apple success in Hollywood, especially when competitors are spending more.
China’s big internet companies are investing in its No. 2 telecom provider though the reason isn’t clear beyond the government wants it.
The eurozone is consistently growing faster than estimates of its potential
Subprime auto lender Credit Acceptance has run circles around short-sellers, but it shares are now looking expensive and vulnerable.
When the world looks stormy, investors first reaction is to flock to the safety of American assets. But what will they do when the U.S. is where the tempest is brewing?
Solid retail sales at the national level aren’t turning into gains for store-based retailers as Amazon and other online merchants continue to grab share in most categories.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles seems more likely to be broken up than sold to a Chinese company—and even a breakup is no sure bet.
Ad agency giant WPP looks like the classic value investment: a high-quality company that has temporarily fallen on hard times., China’s No. 2 online e-commerce player, has lined up formidable friends in its fight against bigger rival Alibaba.
Camp Kotok’s fearless forecasters mainly see little change in economic and financial measures such as interest rates, GDP, bond yields and oil prices, but they are somewhat bearish on stocks.