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Mário Tavares / EyeEm/Getty Images We all want to be fearless public speakers. We dream of confidently striding onto the stage to give a speech or presentation, breaking the ice with the... more»
TOSHINORI TARUI/Getty Images Do you believe that sustainability is important for your company, but that it’s “someone else’s problem?” You aren’t alone; while most... more»
Kenneth Andersson for HBR When I was 25, during my annual review my (male) boss confirmed lots of positive things, such as how I exceeded my $26 million goal in sales. But he ended the meeting... more»
Mobile devices. Wearables. Sensors. Internet of things. It is no longer hyperbole to say that organizations can collect data from everywhere. Despite that, collecting data just to have more data... more»
Online user communities can help harness the knowledge and collective wisdom of a company’s customers and complementors around the globe. These networks can gather input for new product... more»
Michael Banks/Getty Images Advancement toward gender equality at work has slowed since the 1990s for three major reasons: people’s attitudes stopped becoming more gender... more»
Japan, one of the world’s richest business markets, once had a reputation as a difficult business environment for some foreign companies. So why have many of the world’s best-... more»
Jetta Productions/Walter Hodges/Getty Images I spend much of my time with senior executives from organizations in, shall we say, not the most glamorous fields: community banks, electrical... more»
New MIT Sloan Management Review research shows that organizations are using analytics to improve their connections with customers and build competitive advantage. While there is certainly no... more»
Vincent Tsui When Joe Whittinghill came into his role as general manager for talent, learning, and insight at Microsoft, the tech giant’s leadership model was characteristically thorough.... more»
Throat-motion sensor monitors stroke effects more effectively A radical new type of stretchable, wearable sensor that measures vocal-cord movements could be a “game changer” for stroke rehabilitation... more»
Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute have completely reversed the formation of amyloid plaques in the brains of mice with Alzheimer’s disease by gradually depleting... more»
Robots are great at following programmed steps. But asking a robot to “move the green bottle from the cooler to the cupboard” would require it to have abstract representations of these things and... more»
According to an article in web magazine Futurism today, two prominent artificial intelligence (AI) experts have agreed with inventor, author & futurist Ray Kurzweil’s prediction of singularity... more»
Bioprinting a brain A new bioprinting technique combines cryogenics (freezing) and 3D printing to create geometrical structures that are as soft (and complex) as the most delicate body tissues... more»
An international team of researchers has developed a way to shine light at new depths in the brain. It may lead to development of new, non-invasive clinical treatments for neurological disorders and... more»
An international team has developed an AI algorithm with social skills that has outperformed humans in the ability to cooperate with people and machines in playing a variety of two-player games. The... more»
A superconducting “synapse” (switch) that “learns” like a biological system, operating like the human brain, has been built by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST... more»
Injecting minute amounts of two immune-stimulating agents directly into solid tumors in mice was able to eliminate all traces of cancer in the animals — including distant, untreated metastases... more»
In an open-access paper published in Nature Communications, Ritesh Agarwal, a professor the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, and his colleagues say that they have... more»
Standard Life Aberdeen thinks shedding its insurance arm will unlock value. But what is left behind is an asset manager with high costs and investor outflows. Both need fixing, fast.
The two companies created from the old Hewlett-Packard have surprised investors—but they still need to prove the growth is sustainable.
There could be change afoot in European markets, as the reassurance of data in consistently beating expectations fades.
Beijing just took over China’s most notorious purveyor of dodgy wealth management products. The next phase of the debt crackdown might prove more damaging.
If Barclays has the money now for bigger shareholder payouts, why isn’t it making them? The answer shows the risks for investors.
Investors have been feverishly pushing up Wayfair’s stock despite the company’s growing losses, worsening free cash flow and surging marketing spending. That run may finally be coming to an end.
British American Tobacco could be forgiven for missing the good old days of straightforward market decline.
Comcast’s pursuit of Fox may hinge on the outcome of the AT&T-Time Warner case.
China’s consumer confidence has reached a high since Nielsen started compiling the index in 2005. Luxury goods, in particular, are back in vogue. But the property market brings risks.
The biggest private-equity firms are in a fund-raising frenzy, but it will be increasingly hard to find the returns that have made them such money magnets.