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Joed Barallas/EyeEm/Getty Images Some years ago, we worked with a director of a multinational pharma company who’d been receiving poor grades for engagement and leadership effectiveness.... more»
MirageC/Getty Images This has been a remarkable year for the markets.  The S&P and the Dow indexes are up 18% and 19%, respectively.  But this run-up isn’t based on solid... more»
Pedro Pestana/EyeEm/Getty Images People are undoubtedly your company’s most valuable asset. But if you ask cybersecurity experts if they share that sentiment, most would tell you that... more»
“Goodness to a righteous person, leads to goodness to his neighbor.” — Babylonian Talmud (300 A.D.) I spent a gap year after high school living in Jerusalem and studying the Talmud. Throughout... more»
Tooga/Getty Images The business-casual dress code had Troy Freeman stumped. As the longtime CEO of Otto Hotels & Resorts, now the second-largest lodging company in the world, he’d... more»
Aron Vellekoop Len/Getty Images Because I teach a course on Product Management at Harvard Business School, I am routinely asked “what is the role of a Product Manager?” The... more»
Rachel Botsman, the author of Who Can You Trust?, talks about how trust works, whether in relation to robots, companies, or other people. Technology, she says, speeds up the development of trust and... more»
If you don’t like your choices, create better ones.
akindo/Getty Images Several months ago, a CEO I’ll call Elana, who is deaf, approached me for coaching. As we talked through her leadership skills and organizational political... more»
The service sector is a large and growing part of our economy. But a lot of service businesses are managed according to old ideas imported from more traditional industries, says Ryan Buell, UPS... more»
The once popular messaging platform goes dark this week, but its legacy of instant communication is here to stay.
For seniors, playing 3D-platform games like Super Mario 64 or taking piano lessons can stave off mild cognitive impairment and perhaps even prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study... more»
A new wave of mobile AR and VR apps is here, and these are the ones you need to check out.
A technology feared for its potential as a bioweapon is attracting interest from farmers as a way to control pests.
A technology feared for its potential as a bioweapon is attracting interest from farmers as a way to control pests.
Demis Hassabis, the founder and CEO of DeepMind, announced at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NIPS 2017) last week that DeepMind’s new AlphaZero program achieved a... more»
It is trying. But the cryptocurrency is bigger than any country, even the one where it has been most popular.
Researchers at ETH Zurich university have developed a technique for 3D-printing biocompatible living bacteria for the first time — making it possible to produce produce high-purity cellulose... more»
Raffi Krikorian, the CTO of the Democratic National Committee, is out to beat hackers—and the Republicans.
Congress needs to move fast to limit the damage.
Markets had largely stopped worrying about capital outflows from China. The People’s Bank of China’s rate increase shows that may be a mistake.
With viewers turning to streaming video, sports has come to dominate traditional TV. That’s one reason behind a potential 21st Century Fox-Disney deal. And it’s one reason why regulators could frown... more»
Apple is awarding $390 million to Finisar, which makes the key components in the types of 3-D sensing arrays that Apple uses in its iPhone X to scan the user’s face.
The biggest shock about the Federal Reserve this year is it got its prediction of interest-rate increases right. The danger for investors in 2018 is the Fed will get it wrong and rates will end up... more»
Investors are flinging cash at The Crypto Company because bitcoin is going up. At its peak on Monday, Crypto was worth more than a quarter of the companies in the S&P 500.
More heads need to roll if Steinhoff International is to regain credibility after its accounting scandal. The situation can’t be resolved by the regime that failed to spot it.
“Old economy” stocks are booming this year in China, which has sucked cash out of the tech- and consumer-focused Shenzhen index. Now looks like a good time to get in before this trade reverses.
Walt Disney isn’t the only company with a lot riding on the new Star Wars movie this week. Electronic Arts could really use a boost from the Force.
Europe’s largest property company is making a $25 billion bet that America’s megamalls have a bright future
Settling a dispute over the planned sale of Toshiba’s memory-chip business will give both companies more firepower to invest as industry competition intensifies.